Revisiting Microsoft Band Web Tiles

In an alternate universe where I didn't accidentally nuke my blog's database, I once took a look at the Microsoft Band Web Tiles and made a Feed tile for my UptimeRobot account to know whether a website I'm monitoring is down or not.

Back then, Web Tiles didn't, as far as I can vaguely recall, have notifications and I eventually uninstalled the tile from my Band because I didn't really find a need for it. Which brings us to today. I found out about an hour ago that the power went down and my server was powered off (gracefully, thanks to the UPS I newly installed). Which prompted me to add this blog to my UptimeRobot monitors (wonder why I didn't earlier) and set up that Web Tile again.

To my surprise not much changed in the Web Tile world. According to the change logs, the only new thing was the addition of notification support in October 2015. Which is a very welcome feature, but I think in my original blog post I did mention my disappointment at not having more control over the display of the RSS feed text, such as string manipulation.

Nevertheless, at least now I can get alerts (with around up to 15 minutes delay, which is acceptable in my case). I might actually consider using Web Tiles more often now.